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Reiki - Meditation, Mindfulness – Healing Energy work - Spiritual Development – Holistic Massage - Thought Field Therapy (TFT)……Healing Solutions will have something to offer you!

Are you struggling with life at the moment, too much stress & anxiety? Are you unable to clear those last symptoms of illness? Have all the conventional methods failed? Then contact Chris, he has a gentle and unique approach to healing and spiritual development.

Have you always been interested in meditation, healing or spiritual development but always thought it was for other people or that you had to join a group or sect, eat strange food and give all your money away ? That’s what I thought! But it doesn't have to be like that. Maybe you just want to reduce your stress or want to move forward in your life releasing old traumas, fear and anxiety, allowing true happiness to shine again in your life.
Library Image: Reaching Hands (Small)Many people nowadays find themselves looking for answers to their problems outside the orthodox methods of medicine and there are many ways of healing the body mind and spirit.

Even if this is your first encounter with healing and spiritual work, many clients experience great relief from their symptoms. This happens on all levels physical, mental, emotional & spiritual allowing profound healing to occur at the deepest level of their being.

This can gently allow an uncovering of our true power joy & love that dwells within. Finding this power in ourselves can allow us to fulfil our true potential! We are just reconnecting to who we truly are.

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December Events

Healing Circle
With - Chris Wood & Tessa Duffy

Wednesday 3rd December 2014
7.30pm to 9.00pm
Max 15 people

Cost: 15.00
Venue: The Healing House - Dickley Court

Chris and Tessa invite you to join their next healing circle, whether you are looking for a healing experience, a sense of peace or just time to recharge your batteries come and join us. This may be your first time or you may be a seasoned circle goer either way anyone can benefit from attending.

For those of you unfamiliar with healing circles, it is a very safe supportive environment where a small group are seated comfortably on chairs in a circle, and invited to close their eyes allowing a quiet state of mindfulness and contemplation. The Healing Circle is a group healing session carried out by Tessa and Chris, during the session the power of the energy can be magnified in 2 ways, firstly by the unique way that Chris and Tessa work together and secondly by the collective minds and souls of everyone sharing in the circle. It will offer an opportunity to appreciate first-hand the wonderful relaxing focus of an energy healing session.

Book early as these sessions have been filling up very quickly.
Call, text or email to book your place.

Email: chriswood.ki@gmail.com
Mobile: 07956 624266

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Chris has 2 clinics

The Healing House
"Dickley Court"
Dickley Lane
ME17 2DD
Call: 07956 624266

The Complementary Health Centre
174 Manor Lane
London SE12 8LP
Call: 0208 2978887
Monday 2.00 - 8.00pm / Saturday 9.00 – 1.00pm

A synergy of the ancient & modern healing arts creating remedies to the stresses of modern living

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