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Chris Wood

Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Reiki Master/Teacher
SRT Practitioner
Callahan Techniques TFT Practitioner
I.T.E.C / M.T.I / I.P.T.I

Chris is a natural psychic healer & spiritual teacher. Having followed a spiritual path for over 24 years he has gathered insights and techniques that have helped him with his own healing and brought inspiration to every area of his life. Chris has been a professional therapist now for 17 years bringing his unique healing way to many clients from all walks of life nationally & internationally.

Chris is a Reiki Master Teacher having trained with 5 different Reiki Masters in the UK and abroad to qualify to Master level in 4 different styles. He is also a fully qualified and registered SRT Consultant and uses this powerful healing system on a daily basis also bringing his skills of Holistic Massage and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to his practice. Under pinning all Chris's work is his natural psychic & mediumistic healing ability which has been present from childhood. Over many years he has developed these skills with such notable teachers as Tony Stockwell – Sheila French & Tim Abbot.

For many years now Chris has been studying Aikido, a Japanese martial art. The translation of Aikido is “The Way of Harmony”. Chris has attained the level of Black Belt (1st Dan) and is a qualified instructor with the British Ki Aikido Association (BKAA). This has been a very important part of his development deepening his link to himself & the universe. Currently Chris is developing his own system called: “Enso-Ki” in short a spiritual (martial) art with its focus on breathing, meditation & spirituality, gentle flowing movement and of course effective self defence.

As a professional therapist, Chris combines the power of all his therapies along with his own natural healing power to deliver a unique treatment which fits the clients' needs & wants allowing healing to take place at the deepest level.

Chris offers a number of opportunities to share in the knowledge and techniques he has learnt on his path.
Chris is a powerful healer working with the utmost integrity and a deep passion for his work.

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