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Reiki/Healing Treatments
Reiki is an energy healing treatment carried out on the couch. Its a wonderful way to balance and clear the body's life force energy, Reiki creates a feeling of peace, calm and relaxation. It promotes and stimulates the body's own healing on all levels.

Healing through Breath & Meditation
Using powerful breath techniques and guided meditation to work on and release your specific traumas, problems and life issues.

Thought Field Therapy
TFT is an energy meridian therapy which clears blocked emotion through the stimulation of acupuncture points allowing a release of unwanted negative energy.

Spiritual Growth Development
Gentle guidance in helping you uncover your next step in life, allowing you to connect with, and follow, your life’s path

Psychic Development
(Following you intuition)
Instruction and guidance in how to activate you psychic and spiritual potential, opening up to the beautiful gifts the world and universe has to offer.

Meditation tuition
Instruction & guidance in many varied and ancient meditation techniques

Spiritual Space Clearing
Using a blend of powerful techniques to clear your home or business of stagnant and negative energy, leaving your space feeling spiritually clear light & free. This can also be done when purchasing a new home to remove all the past negative energy left in the property.


  • Meditation for Beginners

  • Meditation & Spiritual Development

    If you would like more information on any of my treatments don't hesitate to contact me, even if you would like to discuss your situation to determine if I can help you ?

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